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Premye Fèt Nwèl Natacha Ozetazini: Leson #118

Graphic 2 for English Lesson
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John : Hi Natacha , what’s up? I did’t know you were in the kitchen. I have been sitting in the living room for at least an hour because I thought nobody was home.

Natacha : Hi John, I did not hear you come in. How did you get in ? I know you don’t have a key to the house since you don’t live here anymore. Don’t tell me you found the door open. If it is the case, I have to talk to my older sister because she is always leaving the door open whenever she goes out.

John : Perhaps you should talk to her so that she can stop doing that, especially during the holidays . You never know when a thief might show up to rob you blind. Speaking of holidays, I see that you don’t look too happy, what is the problem exactly, are you homesick? Do you miss your native Haiti?

Natacha : How did you konow John? You must be a psychic because you see right through me. I was sitting in the kitchen all morning drinking coffee and thinking of the 2 best friends I left behind in Haiti. On top of that, it is my first Christmas in The USA and I don’t really know what to expect.

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