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Eli telefone Joanna pou Di li Natacha isit Ozetazuni

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ELIE : Hi Joanna, this is Elie, did you hear the news? Somebody just informed my mother that Natacha is in town. In fact, she has been in New York since last December. If you are not working this weekend, we should make plans to catch a bus to go and visit her.

Joanna: OH My God. Elie are you talking about Natacha Vainqueur, my classmate at the Sacred Heart college in Port-au-Prince? Are you sure? I can hardly believe it because I have not seen her since I came to the United States 6 years ago. To go back to your trip to New York plans, I will not be able to go on such short notice. I would need some time to get ready. The Big Apple is not exactly next door, and I would need the permission of my parents to travel that far.

Elie : I understand where you are coming from Joanna, my mother and father feel the same way about me going far away as well , especially that I am an only child.