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Natacha Fè Dènye Vwayaj li nan Restoran an ak John

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John : I hear you Natacha. Let me pay the bill and give the waitress a tip and go home. Look at that, it is like the waitress was reading our lips , she just left the bill on the table. It is not that expensive, for all we have eaten, the total is slightly less than 100 dollars. It could have been a lot worst. I am going to leave the money with her 15 percent tip on the table. Let me take you home Natacha.

Natacha : Thank you John for such a nice experience. It was my first time in a restaurant in the United States. The food was very tasty, it even made forget--- if only for a moment--- the wonderful Haitian cuisine with its deep fried pork, fried red Snapper , rice and bean soup. I took a lot of pictures in there for my friends in Haiti. They are going to be happy I am sure. Perhaps they could even say: where is my share?

John : Natacha, we have arrived at your house. You look sleepy, go and have a good rest. I will call you tomorrow. Maybe we can go to the mall nearby to check out some winter coats, the cold season is around the corner. Good night Natacha.