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Natacha Mande John Sil Ka Dòmi nan Chanm Envite Lakay Manman l la

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John : You never know. You might be in for a pleasant surprise. I don’t know if I am wrong, but I think I overheard my mother talking to Dr Josaphat who is planning to come to the US this Christmas to see his wife Jossoline Almazor and his daughter Lamamouna. He might actually bring some Haitian mushroom, peanut butter Haitian style, soursop , mango preserves. I can smell the Haitian peanut butter already . Of course , I would need some dry cassava to mix with it and create a perfect taste from home at Christmas.

Natasha : John, I am beginning to feel sleepy and, I suspect, you are maybe too tired to drive me back. Can I stay and go home tomorrow morning instead?

I realize that your mother has a guest room upstairs and it looks perfect to me, The question is : do you have any extra clean towels, tooth paste, toothbrush , soap and body lotion that I could use after I finish taking a shower in the morning.

John : That is not a problem, we have all the items you just mentioned. You should feel right at home. What’s more , we have plenty other little goodies that should make you happy at breakfast time. We have cereals, whole milk, sugar, cinnamon powder, strawberry, blueberry, bananas and so on…. On top of that , we have organic eggs, all kinds of vegetables to make the tastiest omelettes just the way you like it. Did I mention whole grain breads and butter? we have plenty of those as well.

Natacha : That sounds like music to my ears. Well , I will see you tomorrow morning John, I am going upstairs to lay down, I am practically falling asleep. Good night.