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Anglè Fasil

samdi 21 jiyè 2018

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jiyè 2018
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John : Ok, ok, you can drive on the condition that you respect the speed limit. You don’t necessarily have to be as slow as a turtle, otherwise the police might stop you for what we call in the United States impediment of traffic.

Natacha : See, see, we have arrived at the Galaxy night club without any dent onyour car. Let me find a parking space before we go into the disco.

John : Holy cow !! What a big crowd, it looks like everyone is out tonight. Idon’t know if we can find a table in here, anyway we have the option of dancing nonstop. Like that, we will spend less money on drinks since we will spend the whole time dancing. That’s a good way to save a few bucks, I bet the pennypinchers would lobe to be in that situation.

Natacha : John , I believe we should go back home now, I am so tired, and I think a better word in my case would be exhausted.

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Natacha is wants to work in a Restaurant.

Natacha : I would welcome a job in a restaurant because I like talking to people and that could help me develop my English speaking skills. On top of that, I heard that restaurant servers earn a lot of tips, and some of them earn even one hundred dollars a day. The base salary is not that high, that’s why the tips are a nice financial supplement.

John : Look at you Natacha, you look like a million bucks. That dress fits you so well, is it a designer outfit? I have not seen a girl looking so good in so many years. Wow Natacha, the ugly girls at rthe Galaxy Nught Club are not going to like you, because you make them look pale by comparison

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