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Natacha ap Kòmande yon Pakèt Manje, John Sezi

Natacha ap Kòmande Anpil Manje e John Sezi
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John : Natacha, you order a lot of different foods, are you sure you cann eat all that? Well, anyway, you can ask for a doggy bag to take home if you can’t finish your food in the restaurant.

Natacha : Oh that’s nice, I did not know I could do that . John why don’t you order, perhaps you are not hungry or are thinking of smelling the food in order to save money? Don’t you worry, I don’t mean that, it was just a joke. I have an idea john , Why don’t you choose the Lobster and shrimp with brown rice as side order, we could share with each other. What do you say?

John : Good idea Natacha. Excuse me, I think my spoon and knife fell off the table, let me call the bussboy to bring some clean ones. I, for one, will order a cold beer, a vegetable soup and lobster with crab cakes. Like that, I am meeting you half way, by choosing half of what you suggested I ordered.

Natacha : It’s been 40 minutes since we ordered, what happened to the waitress, did she move to another planet. I do not see her anywhere in this room. This service is too slow, I don’t want to fall asleep before our food finally reaches the table.

John : Try to be patient Natacha. The restaurant is crowded tonight. It is Friday night, remember. Everybody is out after a long week of work.