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Sujè ki pa bay pwoblèm nan biznis

Sujè ki pa Bay Pwoblèm nan Biznis
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Female : Welcome back, it’s time for Gary’s tips. What’s your topic for today Gary?

Gary : Today , I’ll be speaking about personal questions in business settings. Personal questions

Are questions about your living situation, family and interest.. Some personal qustions are safe to ask, some others are not so safe, When you are in a business setting, it’s best to stick to safe topics. Some safe topics are where someone lives? How long the person has lived there, and what’s the person interest? There are some topics that are not safe to ask a person, unless you know the person very well. You should not ask if the person is married or about the person’s age

Or religion, or about how much money a person makes or spend. It’s also a bad idea to speak about politics in a business situation. It is much better to stay with very safe topics. Well, that’s all we have time for today.