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Premye Anivèsè Natacha Ozetazuni

Premye Anivèsè Natacha Ozetazuni
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Natacha’ s First Birthday In The United States

John : Hello Natacha , is that you answering the Phone?

I am asking the question because I don’t quite recognize the voice.

Natacha : Yes John, it’s me Natacha. The problem is I have a cold and I have been coughin a whole lot lately. In fact, I am a little scared that my cough is bigger than a simple cold.

John : Don’t be scared Natacha , your system is not used to the harsh cold season of the United States because you are from a tropical country such as Haiti.

Natacha : Anyway John, I am so glad that you called. I was about to come to your house to invite you in my first birthday party away from my native country. You know, it was supposed to be a surprise , but I overheard a conversation between my older cousin and my aunt. And they were forced to admit their intention to organize this first birthday party in the United States for me.