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Natacha Kap Pale ak John sou Scooby Doo. Li mande John pou l sispann pale Scooby mal: Leson #124

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Natasha : Stop badmouthing my Scooby please. Nothing you say can make stop liking him. By the way, I was looking at your mother’s Chrismas tree, it is so well decorated with perfect lighting sets, the star of David and everything. Look at the toys, they look expensive, especially this train set and these 2 Barbie dolls. I always wanted a Barbie doll when I was little, unfortunately, it was too expensive and my mother could not get me one in Haiti.

John : Don’t worry Natacha, you could buy them for your daughters when you get older. You are not going to remain the way you are now forever. Here is the coffee with cream and the 2 sugars you asked me earlier. Is it sweet enough Natacha, do you want more sugar or more cream by any chance? Anyway, I will leave the sugar bowl and the cream container on the cocktail table for you.

Natasha : Thank you John. Hmmm the coffee is excellent, it is as strong as the one my aunt used to make when I was in Haiti. Incidentally John, who is going to come to the Christmas dinner your mother is hosting? Anyone I know? It would be so nice to see people from Haiti at Christmas, because I know , we would be speaking in Creole, eating some Haitian food and perhaps enjoying some Haitian-made liquor.