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Premye Fèt Nwèl Natacha Ozetazini; Leson #122

Graphic 3 for English Lesson

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FRIST CHRISTMAS IN THE USA 305 308 8229 Maxo Sinal

Natacha: John, Don’t go outside like that, take this winter coat, it looks like it is your size. I don’t want you to catch a cold unnecessary and ruin your Christmas. That could make you miss the wonderful Christmas dinner I heard your mother will be serving.

John: Natacha, you can step out now, I’m back with the car. Open the door and take a seat. We are now on our way to my mother’s house. It is about 45 minutes from where we are. Please put your seat belt on, the police are watching closely to catch people without seat belts, especially those guys who drink and drive. Better safe than sorry. I would not want to spend the money I saved to buy Christmas gifts for my girlfriend on moving violation tickets.

Natacha: I bet your girlfriend would be mad at you if you don’t bring any gifts. She may even think you are inconsiderate, and you never know, she could even break with you. By the way, how long have the two of you been going out? She is very nice and beautiful. Tell me John, how did you even convince her to start seeing you. For all I know, you are not that good-looking. Ok, Ok John, don’t be upset, I was just pulling your leg.