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Premye Fèt Nwèl Natacha Ozetazini; Leson # 119

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John : Don’t worry too much about that Natacha, Christmas is a universal holiday, people tend to celebrate it almost the same way. The only thing that changes really is the language. That means people in the United States greet each other in English and you do the same thing in Haiti, but you do it in French or creole. Besides, there is a large Haitian community in New York, you should feel right at home.

Natacha : Are you kidding John? Wow, I am so so happy to hear that. Suddenly, I do not feel homesick anymore, Hoop Hoop Hurray!! Let’s go to your mother’s house, I want to see what a Christmas tree look like in the US, I mostly want to make a comparison between the Haitian Christmas tree and the American one.

John : OK Natacha, you are on.